Buy-Here-Pay-Here - In House Finance

At Acadian Used Cars, We have a team of Finance Managers that will look at your current situation
and determine the most affordable way for you and provide you with that information so you are
able to make an informed decision. While your credit is important when financing, it's only a part
of the overall picture. Having the following information is key.

Proof Of Income- This needs to be a current check stub showing your year to date earnings.If you do not have a check stub or your paid cash or self employed you'll need to provide a 1099 ( in some cases)depending on the situation three months of current bank statements is sufficient proof,this is something that affects the loan and part of the process our Finance manager will discuss with you.

Proof Of Residence- Electric Bill in the buyers name or other bills such as cable,water etc. What's Most important is that one of the listed bills is in the name of the buyer at the residence.

Proof Of Phone- A Home Phone or Mobile ( In some cases ) phone billed to the buyers home address.

Down Payment- Plays a major role when considering a subprime auto loan. Down Payment shows a customer's commitment to buying and making payments on one's car, how much down payment is a question best answered by our finance department,call or fill out our online application now.

Our Finance Managers are happy to assist you,please feel free to call 225-272-8778 with any questions or use our Email and you'll be contacted shortly. We are available to discuss your questions 225-272-8778