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Certified Diamond Finance

Certified Diamond FinancingYou Deserve Diamond Quality Service on your next Loan.

  When you've spent most of your young and adult life working to keep a TOP credit score you expect that hard work to be rewarded, Acadian Used Cars  & the Finance Specialist that work specifically with our Diamond Preferred program understand how difficult maintaining a top credit score can be. When it comes to negotiating the best terms possible on your next auto loan rest assured, the Finance specialists will work on your behalf to secure you the best financial terms available. 
  Acadian's Diamond Finance Program is tailored to meet every aspect of what's important to each individual customer. Some customers just want the best interest rates available, while others are more interested in securing long-term financing that keep's vehicle payments as low as possible.

Many factors play a role when financing an automobile, keeping track, more so.
Many customer's have trades that still have a payoff with a previous lender and many times what is owed on the trade exceeds the vehicle's trade-in value, so what's the best option in this scenario?
Different customers will have different needs. While some will choose to put more money down and that's always a good choice, but not the only choice. Remember you've worked hard on keeping that credit score in the 700 FICO range or higher, and this is a great opportunity for you to benefit from that work.

With your excellent credit, our Diamond Certified Finance Department can show you how in many cases a down payment of $0 is possible while still paying off your trade and keeping your rate and payments as low as possible. Are you interested?

 Please take this opportunity to contact us by calling 225-272-8778 or visit our website and fill out an online application to check your options upfront. And, of course, we would love a visit from you in person to allow us to sit down and discuss all that we have to offer.